For your donation of $3,000 or more, sculptor Kate VanNoorden is generously donating her "WE THREE KINGS" a 12x12, forton wall sculpture valued at $450.  This piece is not for sale as Kate designed this piece just to say thank-you!

For your donation of $1,000 - $2,999, photographer B.L. Bruigom is generously donating a signed 11x14 photo valued at $40.  Please email your choice of one of the photos shown below and when your donation is confirmed your item will be shipped.  THANK-YOU!

For your donation of $100 - $999, authors Captain Scott Smith & B.L. Bruigom are generously donating to you a signed copy of "DOLPHIN TALES- True Stories of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphins"  THANK-YOU!

  • DOLPHIN TALES is a beautiful and educational book that is perfect for all ages.
  • Captain Scott Smith shares  fascinating  and true stories with you from his 20 years studying, and playing with the wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins.
  • It explains the identification program as well as behavioral observations: such as feeding, moms and calves and much more.  It contains many magnificent photos gathered throughout the years Scott spent among his dolphin friends.
  • The book is a wonderful journey into the unique relationship Scott has forged with the dolphins.  These are wild dolphins, they are not trained or fed, they come out of curiosity and playfulness, but stay out of friendship and trust.
  •  8-1/2” x 5-1/2”
  •  48 full color pages
  •  ISBN 0-9676074-0-X
  •  Suggested retail price:  $12.95