Dedicated to domestic and wild animal rescues as well as spay/neuter programs and educating the public about spay/neuter.

Supporting wildlife and marine conservation.

A note from the president -

The Rescue Ranch incorporated in 2003 and on December 27, 2007 we were granted our permanent, public non-profit status from the IRS after proving that 92% of all money raised went directly to animal care.  Today it is necessary to make a difference in your own little corner of the world.  The Rescue Ranch does just that when it comes to the animals that touch our lives, and our environments.  You will find others making a difference in their worlds on our “friends of…” page.  We may be small, but our hearts are big!       

Barbara Brugiom, President/Founder

TOTAL SPAY/NEUTERS 11/1/10 - 1633

2009 total s/n = 960

make your donation using paypal it's safe, simple, secure and we thank-you for your support!

We are not ashelter or a kennel.  We DO NOT take in animals nor do we adopt any out.  We do work closely with other shelters and groups.  To see the wonderful animals they have for adoption visit our adoption partner page!


September 1, 2010 Our anonymous donor has just given another 20,000 grant to assist the Rescue Ranch in its DOG SNAP program (spay/neuter assistance program). 

MAY 1, 2010 - PEPSI REFRESH THE PLANET application accepted!  Now it's in the voting process and up to you if we get $50,000 to spay & neuter 1000+.  Please vote everyday between now and May 31st to put us in the top ten to recieve this great grant!  Click on the widget above to read more! VOTING CLOSED WE DID NOT GET ENOUGH VOTES TO MOVE ON OR GET THE MONEY, SO SAD, BUT THANKS TO ALL WHO VOTED!

April 1, 2010 Our anonymous donor has just given another  15,000 grant to assist the Rescue Ranch in its DOG SNAP  program (spay/neuter assistance program). 

Dec. 21, 2009 The Greg Biffle Foundation  (NASCAR driver) has just donated $1,500 to S/N 40 cats - 17 were done 12/22!  The balance will be done in Jan. 2010!

Aug. 29, 2009 Our anonymous donor has just given another $15,000 grant to assist the Rescue Ranch in its DOG SNAP program (spay/neuter assistance program). 

August 18, 2009 - PETSMART CHARITIES has donated $2,600 to spay and neuter 33 dogs & 42 cats.  20 cats & 10 dogs were done today!!!  Balance of animals will be done in September.

March 31, 2009 - Cedar Lane Supper Club donates 100% of proceeds from "It's Never Foolish to Spay & Neuter" comedy night!  This allowed 30 more dogs to be s/n!  Thanks CL!!!!

Jan . 29, 2009 - PETCO donates  for a cat spay day!

Jan. 12, 2009 An anonymous donor has just given a grant to assist the Rescue Ranch in its SNAP  program (spay/neuter assistance program). 

Nov. 6, 2008 The Rescue Ranch has just received a grant from the Leonard X. Bosack & Bette M. Kruger Charitable Foundation for two 2-day spay/neuter events.  Thanks to them 150 animals in our area will be spayed by January 2009!  Well done and THANK-YOU!

Please remember to always spay and neuter!

For info -                     P.O. Box 527, McRae  GA 31055                       229-868-9820

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